My Personal Pedagogy Statement

Please Note: This is a growing website and will continually develop as I evolve as an educator

My Personal Pedagogy Statement

I believe that everyone who has achieved success has been led there (in great part) by the collective efforts of their teachers. The teachers are the ones who have laid the foundation and given students the tools to help them succeed. My path of self-discovery as an aspiring teacher began at a young age and continued as a current student teacher.

In high school, I had the privilege of having a teacher who would not give up on me at any cost. Mrs. Beard made it clear on my first day of school that she had higher aspirations for me than I had ever set for myself. She said to never settle for mediocre achievements and to always push past what I thought I was capable of doing. She taught me that I was not alone in this learning environment and that both of us would succeed together. Her determination and acute interest in my progress has inspired every phase of my life since that day. With this experience, I have seen how important it is to create an environment of motivation and confidence in both teacher and student. I have also learned that collaborative learning can greatly affect students who may have less support and resources to aid them in their efforts. This led me to desire to teach in a school where I, like Mrs. Beard, can enlighten students to their higher potential by pushing them beyond the limits they have set for themselves.

For me, being a teacher is about being part of a greater system that directly impacts the lives of our community. As a teacher, I am given the opportunity to educate and inspire student to grow as I, too, continue to grow and develop.  As I continually challenge myself to reach new goals, I aim to be not only a great teacher, but a great learner as well.  I hope to be a leader in my personal and professional life and continue searching for ways to improve the learning results.

I know that any goal requires knowledge, effort, energy and persistent follow through.  I hope to embody and practice these values by being a source of instruction, inspiration, and direction for my students. With my experiences and training to guide me, I am prepared to give the best support to my students to overcome their own obstacles and setbacks.  I strive to be an achiever and a force for good, by igniting the positive energy and emotions in myself and others As a teacher, I hope to search for the good in children, by building their character, confidence and self-esteem.  Thus, they would become more eager and excited to learn and give their best efforts at home and at school.

The motivation that I received as a student has instilled in me the desire to provide the same encouragement to my future students.  I hope to use this opportunity to reach as many students as I can and lead them to great success in their lives.


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