Child Abduction Prevention

Name: Diana Pyatigorsky                                                    

Grade: First

Subject: Community Building

Lesson Title: Preventing Child Abduction


Little Red Riding Hood by Andrea Wisnewski,

Construction Paper, Markers, Pencils and crayons

Pre-assessment of Student Knowledge: Children understand that safety is important.

Content-Specific Standards

Danielson Framework

Domain 2: Classroom Environment
2a- Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport
2b- Establishing a Culture for Learning
2c- Managing Classroom Procedures
2d- Managing Student Behavior

New York Learning Standards

English Language Arts

Standard 1: Language for Information and Understanding Students will listen, speak, read, and write for information and understanding.

Health and Safety

Standard 2: Students will acquire the knowledge and ability necessary to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment.


Students will understand safe and unsafe behaviors.

Students will discuss and understand the potential dangers of interacting with strangers.

Students will create and discuss safety tips.

Students will illustrate alternative endings to the Little Red Riding Hood book.


Introduction and Motivation:

In a large group, ask students what safety rules they know. These might include rules for play in the classroom and schoolyard as well as away from school. Discuss personal stories of meeting strangers and how to stay safe.  Present “What if” questions. Share-out with the class.


Read Little Red Riding Hood story and discuss the events.
Discuss safety issues and role-play the scene.

Discuss and Act-out how children could “reinvent” the story by applying the safety issues.

What should have Little Red Riding Hood done to avoid what happened?

Children illustrate the scene, including their safety ideas.

Closure: Students present their illustrations to the class and discuss their safety ideas.

Assessment:  Assess understanding during conference time and during the share. Ask follow up questions if students are not confident with their explanations.

Diversity: Student word choice, illustration, idea development, sentence fluency, conventions, and voice.

Differentiation: Collaborative and Flexible grouping, scaffolding, varied time allowance, multiple intelligences, varied demonstrations, simulations, role play.

Connections Across Curriculum: Language Arts: Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening, Art and Community Building.

Take Home Activity: Little Red Riding Hood Coloring Pages


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